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Biodiversity Conservation and Traditional botanical Knowledge for Sustainability in conflict zones: Diet of animal in Captivity further investigated at Lwiro

The DRCC foundation aims also to contribute Ecotourism through further Knowledge on and increased awareness and skills on Biocultural Diversity of the DRCongo. The experts by DRCC often conduct several scientific expeditions and educational field visits on several issues on Biodiversity Conservation, especially the DRCC focuses on Ethnobotany of the traditional knowledge of women on edible plants among different ethnic groups. The aim is to develop and improve strategies for the management, Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity plants and endemic animals in the fragile zones of the DRC. The DRCC is now working on a mini project on plants species eaten by Mountain Gorilla Gorilla in the captivity at Lwiro, in South-Kivu. This is cooperation with the Rotterdam BlijDorp Zoo in the Netherland.