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Contribution to Sustainable Agriculture through Agroforestry in rural area in DRC

In cooperation with her international and local partners in DRC, the DRCC foundation is participating to the reforestation in several villages in South and North Kivu. Furthermore, Women and youth involved in this project, started since June 2014 are receiving training on the job to spread new skills about the new and innovative techniques for sustainable agriculture. The Goals of this project is to contribute to food security and strengthen women with new skills for the protection of land, the management and conservation of local agro-biodiversity in rural areas of post conflict zones, zones often most reach in biodiversity, but also overexploited. In this project, such as in other DRCC activities, we aim to achieve BRAIN GAIN for local healthier communities in the DRCongo. Added value of this project is that women are able to produce vegetable and local food during all over the year as result of the availability of water (pic. With water tank….).