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Heath Care for sustainable Development

Earth quake chocks often occur in the area where DRCC is organizing her projects in DRCongo. Local population often misses the necessary in case of emergency. The care of Internal displaced in such situation is often not organized. People in remote area cannot reach the hospital and medical Centres in other provinces. Pregnant women, elderly and children are often the most victims in such emergency situations. The DRCC foundation with one of her international donors has launched a campaign for the project for the “Emergency bicycle” (Vélo ambulance) for rural areas. Moreover, the DRCC search for second hand medical tools and useful material to improve health care in remote areas in post conflict zones. For the same purpose, we also advocate for clean and drink water in medical Centres in rural areas to achieve the UN SDG agenda 20130. Thanks every kind of support, network and info, DRCC foundation will contribute to improve the medical infrastructures in rural areas of the DRC. Contact us.