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In Her Own Hands: for Gender, Peace and Security in rural areas in South-Kivu

The DRCC foundation is a Dutch signatory of the National Action Plan on the UNSC Resolution 1325. For advocacy and awareness on international legal intruments for women rights, peace and security issues in post conflict zones, the DRCC foundation in cooperation with Tiye International in the Netherland with her Congolese partners ADDROSMIL RDC asbl, GEV asbl and ASSERMMA, recently conducted the project on the 1325 in rural areas of Katana and Kalehe. Focus of this pilot was on Women POLITICAL LEADERSHIP, SOCIAL and ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT in rural areas. The added value of this pilot Projet is to bring international issues at the grass root in conflict zones, in rural areas, the strengthening of the link between local women activist and those women activists from the Diaspora. Start: septembre 2015, the pilot project finished in June 2016. This training was successful collaboration of experts Women, Peace and Security on national and international level. This cooperation generated a training manual to be used for further training at large scale in rural areas in post conflict areas. The following subjects have been developed during the training that took more than 6 months under the coordination of the DRCC foundation on the field in South-Kivu. DRCC foundation is monitoring and follows the project. (pic. And newsletter.)