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Reforestation and Infrastructures at the Université du Cinquantenaire de Lwiro, South-Kivu

This is an ongoing project started in July 2016. DRCC is networking and lobbying for this project with the cooperation with Rotterdam Zoo BlijDorp in the Netherland. The feasibility study has finished resulting to a Site Mapping and Topography of the site. The main goal of this project is to contribute to the biodiversity conservation in the rural areas next to the National Park Kahuzi Biega, home to diverse endemic and cultural key stone species in the Great Lakes Region. Particularly, this project aims to strengthen the social and cultural function of the university, strengthening contact with indigenous ethnic groups and contributing to food security in rural post conflict zones of South-Kivu, in Lwiro-Katana. Next to the reforestation and sustainable food security, the project further intends to strengthen cooperation and partnership between The Research Centre for Natural Sciences (CRSN) Lwiro, one of the prestigious research centre on Biodiversity conservation in the Central Africa, and Great Lakes Regions in particular. A partnership has been undertaken between CRSN and the Uni50 de Lwiro under the lobbying and mediation of the DRCC foundation.