Vocational Training for Sustainable Development in rural areas in DRC

To improve quality of life, health and Sustainable Development in the DRC, we need to build and strengthen rural communities, often made of women and youth with law education level. Infrastructures are often very limited to some citizen such as the church and business man/women. The lack of job opportunities results not only from the lack of infrastructures but also from the lack of Vocational Training of youth, women and girls in rural areas. The DRCC foundation build up on a strong network and international and local lobbying in order to strengthen grass root organizations and institutions with quality tools and material in the field of vocational training on several issues linked with job opportunities. DRCC foundation therefore collaborates with the Church, traditional local authorities, the schools, universities and private persons to achieve quality and sustainable vocational training for the beneficiaries. DRCC foundation aims brain gain for healthier and educated communities (pic.)