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About us


DRCC foundation is a nonprofit Dutch organization established at The Hague in the Netherlands since 2014. The mission of the DRCC is brain gain for the reconstruction of the DR Congo from a gender perspective.


DRCC main goal is to provide a space for reflection, research, entrepreneurship, discussion and exchange on various themes on the cultural, historical, social, economic, political and ecological diversity of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to promote a democratic and sustainable State. DRCC foundation likes to encourage the Congolese diaspora from a gender perspective to contribute to the reconstruction of Peace, Security and Sustainability in the DRC through the Reform of the Security Sector and women leadership. 


The DRCC foundation organizes and support several project activities that contribute to the reconstruction of peace, security, human rights, women and child rights and sustainable development in the DRCongo, in particular in the post conflict zones. Our projects mainly focus on gender mainstreaming in policies and programmes, peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and security, women political leadership, the social economic empowerment of women and youth in rural communities, knowledge and expertise exchange through educational institutions, research on the Congolese biodiversity and entrepreneurship. The DRCC foundation therefore organizes and participates in international discussions, meetings, conferences, symposia and trainings. To stimulate the positive qualities of women and women leadership, the DRCC foundation supports projects on gender mainstreaming in the Reform of the Security Sector in DRC, stimulates the cooperation between civilian and security services, encourages the disarmament and demobilization of child soldier in post conflict zones. To strengthen contacts among institutions and the cooperation partners, the DRCC collaborates with several (international) organizations with the same goals.