December 2022 Detroiter: Community College Executives Leading the New Push to Transform the Talent Pipeline

The December Detroiter focuses on community colleges and employers partnering to build the workforce. Read the special edition.

sandy baruah

President’s Letter: Michigan’s Political Health Will Drive Our Economic Health

Many of us breathed a sigh of relief as Election Season 2022 came to a close. Not because certain candidates or parties were victorious, but rather for Election Night’s lack of drama and the return to normal candidate behavior. For the most part, voters were able to cast their votes without impediment, election officials and volunteers were able to do their important work without unwarranted protests or harassment, and candidates that fell short engaged in the proud American tradition of conceding their election contests with a spirit of goodwill. Whew.

The 2022 election confirmed what Americans and political pundits know – we are a divided nation. As Michigan moved more toward “blue” state status with decisive victories by Governor Whitmer and other statewide Democrats, Florida moved more toward “red” state status with an equally decisive victory of a sitting Republican governor over a well-known former governor and member of Congress. Read more.

Detroit Workforce Feature

High-Value Credentials and Alternative Career Pathways Will Rebuild Detroit’s Workplace

By Tim Dupree

It’s no secret that across the country and here in Southeast Michigan employers are feeling the effects of the talent shortage and a widening skills gap. The structural issues that gave rise to this challenge existed well before the pandemic but have accelerated since: an aging workforce, inequitable access to careers, and fewer adults enrolling in education beyond high school. These issues have been further complicated by a labor force participation rate that continues to hover near historic lows. Read more.

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