We are an Globian non-profit organization that supports good causes and positive change all over the world.

Our Mission

The mission of DRCC  foundation is to provide a space for exchange, for education,  for research, and  entrepreneurship  within the cultural, historical, social, economic, political and ecological diversity  of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  

Our Vission

We  are a reference organisation representative of the DR Congolese diaspora abroad and in rural post conflict zones. Acting collectively  within a local, regional and international diversity/Network to achieve the SD in post conflict zones throug Brain gain, cooperation, participation and social-economic inclusion of women and men

Our Values

We have respect for peole, their environment and biocultural diversity. We believe in Humanity, sustainability and gender sensitivity as guiding values for our actions. We are aware of the complexity in the globalized society, therefore sthrengthening youth  is priority to achieve technologic innovation in our programmes

Our agency has been present for over 5 years. We make the best for all in need.

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What We Do

Linking Migration with Development, the DRCC foundation aims at stimulating and sensitizing the Congolese diaspora to contribute to the Sustainable Development in the DRC and abroad through promoting social-economic inclusieve with the vocational education and entreprenership

Our Team

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Appoline MVANO C

DRCC International Africa, Gender, Peacebuilding & Public Health

Melanie Vumilia M

DRCC International Africa Gender & Vocationnel training

Hazilina Binti Zaini

DRCC International Asia

Caroline Tan

DRCC International Asia

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