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Child for Child Rights in post-conflict zones

Child for Child Rights in post-conflict zones

As of result of long-lasting war, several children have been displaced, others are victim of sexual/physical abuse and more of them are traumatized, children are very poor.

DRCC foundation is fighting against all forms of child abuse such as child work, sexual abuse….Through small facilities such a play station, DRCC Foundation provides in toys to make children smiling and therewith starting a conversation with them and their parents, process to healing their trauma.

Furthermore, they can learn writing and reading as many of them can not afford the school fees.  In the COVI19 recovery policy, DRCC Foundation through the local partners contributes to the strengthening and improvement of hygienic measures against the spreading of the COVID19 in schools and the communities.

Beneficiaries of the project

  • Children in rural areas,
  • Families

On daily basis, more than 50 children from several villages can meet and play together at the JEBK RDC, setting up a football team in the village is a next step to be supported.


 Needed in the form of financial support, ideas, and advice.


since 2014-ongoing

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