CEO, Secretary Migration & Development

Hermes Mushayuma

Field Supervisor & Conservation

Bashi Cikuru

Coordinator Marketing & Communication

Christian Mushayuma

CEO & Coordinator Reseach & Environnement

Nancy Akonkwa

University Utrecht Youth & Entrepreneurship

Safi Kulia

Gender, Youth & Entrepreneurship

Safi Peto

Diaspora, Gender & Development

Kalumire Ndi Benjamin

Gender, RSS/DDR & SD

Appoline MVANO C

DRCC International Africa, Gender, Peacebuilding & Public Health

Melanie Vumilia M

DRCC International Africa Gender & Vocationnel training

Hazilina Binti Zaini

DRCC International Asia

Caroline Tan

DRCC International Asia

Israel Mugisho Mpozi

TU Delft Software manager

Daniella ZAWADI

Coordinator Coorporate Communication

Sylvestre Bwira

Co-founder of the hague peace project

Dr. Marie-Rose Bashwira

Coordinator Gender in Enterpreneurship

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