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Technical support to High Education & Research in rural areas

Technical support to High Education & Research in rural areas

DRCC Foundation supports technical consultancy and providing technical support to the Université du Cinquantenaire Lwiro(UNI-50) in the South-Kivu. UNI50 Lwiro is established in Lwiro, a rural area next to the National Parc Kahuzi-Biega, It’s the second public university in the Kivu yet not equipped to ensure that all the youth can get quality education and research skills.


Beneficiaries: students, teaching staff & local community.

Results: Theoretical and research skills improved including improvement of the infrastructures, the pilote Botanic Garden is flourishing, Support to create quality equipped Traineeship spaces voor Vocational Training purposes linking the University with Local stakeholders Improved recruitment  approach  for students Linking Local Educational and Scientific Actors in rural areas for Environmental Education .

Period: since 2014-ongoing…

Outreach: Lobby, advocacy network national and international, for funding opportunities, knowledge exchange & cooperation, Business Model for the local institution including mainstreaming Women Peace and Security/SDG’s  agenda in High Education


ICT facilities and WIFI  are needed to achieve international standards and to link the rural community students with the national, international universities abroad.

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