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WPS agenda& SDG: Climate Change, Biodiversity Conservation & women leadership   

WPS agenda& SDG: Climate Change, Biodiversity Conservation & women leadership   

According to the mission and vision of the DRCC foundation, gender equality can only be achieved if women and men can enjoy equal access to natural resources and can equal participate to the conservation of the biocultural diversity of their countries, their community.

Therefore, the management and access to the wealth, natural resources is crucial but conditioned by the fight against the negative impacts of climate change to achieve these.  Access to food and WASH are essential for our target groups in rural areas in the post conflicts.


Women and men including their young generations in post-conflict zones (in urban and rural area) are to be trained and engaged to protect the natural, biological environment, combating all factors that hinder sustainable development such the use of destructive pesticides in agriculture, the overexploitation of resources including water, plants, minerals….

The JEBK RDC is a space for learning, training and conserving the local knowledge of plants, the importance of threatened tree species, and the ecological restoration of most degraded areas, forest… and the promoting of the cultural traditional knowledge of local communities.


DRCC foundation with the support of several partners local and international supporting the implementation of the first pioneer EthnoBotanic Garden of the Kivu (Jardin Ethnobotanique Kivu).  The JEBK RDC is the first Botanic Garden in the Kivu and is the first founded by a woman. Youth and women from rural areas in post-conflict zones including women from minority groups such as the pygmies are both participating in this programme.  Multidisciplinary participative approaches are applied to guarantee gender mainstreaming and the social, economic and ecological benefit of the programme.

Jardin ethnobotanique du kivu

Through this programme, several job opportunities and entrepreneurship are created for women and men in the implementing area.

DRCC foundation has participated in several conferences on plant conservation and has partnerships with the most important organization in for the International Conservation Society such BGCI, African Botanic Garden Network, as well as other enterprises. More than 20.000 people are depending on this program.


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